Hoard of the Dragon Queen

There and here again

A murder hobo's tale

Okay so here is the basic, top-level, 1K foot overview of what has transpired so far. Feel free to amend/change/correct/expand as needed.

Everyone but Ander arrived at the town of Greenest at the beginning of the campaign. Ander was living there at the time.

Everyone has a special background.

The team saw that the town of Greenest was being besieged by baddies and decided to help. they fought their way to the keep with the guidance of Ander Tealeaf and were asked to help save the town.

The companions battled their way to a beleaguered temple where many townsfolk were hiding
Things and stuff happened. (You guys can fill it in) and a door was broken and OmniKnight gave a rousing speach


kalkin03 kalkin03

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